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ABISS - Art Because I Said So

I was taking a break from government contracting when an old Navy buddy that was chasing his own dream job suggested I take some art classes to decompress. He passed away 3 months later and I haven't set down my camera since. This tool became my way to channel everything I felt into a way that honored someone so important to me. Now that I have this outlet for everything inside of me, I am unwilling to ever let it go.

As a photographer in Hawaii, it's hard to take a bad shot. With the amazing technologies in our phones, anyone can take an amazing photo. I am not a better photographer than anyone else, I just see the world differently than most. I use computer software to help mold a photo into the way it makes me feel. This process allows me to be a creator of originality. I might never be the first person to take a picture of a place, but this allows me to show it to others from a perspective unlike their own. My focus and my perception I hope bring a different world to the eyes of the viewer. The name Art Because I Said So does not come from a place of boastfulness, but rather stated with a desire to express that my work isn't meant to do anything other than cause an emotional response in the people who see it. When I look at my photos, I feel the emotions of the day they were taken mixed with the emotions of the day they were edited. Some of my most cheerful pictures were taken on my saddest days. They look cheerful because the mood I was in when I got around to editing them in Photoshop days later was elevated and joyous. This sometimes painful and pleasant process is why I choose to call my work  "Art Because I Said So".


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